Yoga Methods for Teens and Kids

Children are natural yogis, with their great physical flexibility, desire for knowledge and sense of wonder. And the fact that yoga for teen can help ease the pressures of their lives and everyday stresses will make a lot of teenagers happy. To give teens some areas to explore, here is an informative article on yoga for kids and teenagers.

Some enormous changes are going on in the body’s physiology and chemistry during later teen years and puberty. At this time, the chakras becoming more active as they are also growing. Often, mood swings and rebellion show up as a consequence of imbalances in chakras, physiology and body chemistry. Balance can be maintained in the different chakras with regular carrying out of teen yoga postures. This benefits both the mind and body by keeping the soul and spirit healthy and strong.

A healthy spine – as per the philosophy of teen yoga — creates stability and is a means to a sound mind. Stimulating the nerves that are running the length of the spine is the basic job of yoga for teen. Particularly effective for this function is yoga poses involving twist and upside down positions. You cause each vertebra to be slightly separated from the ones below and above it when you carry out all types of yoga postures, such as standing, sitting, upside down pose and lying on the back or stomach. Creating room between the vertebrae serves to fatten the disks between them, letting free flow of energy to the brain and offering the blood an easy passageway to flow in a healthy way.

Usually, young men and teenage boys develop their arms and legs through weight training or sports. But the flexibility when it comes to legs, spine, back, and arms, are often overlooked. To strengthen muscles that aren’t made use of in strength training and correct this imbalance, you can use yoga stretching poses. At first the stretching can be hard; however, the yoga poses will grow easier with practice and you will become more flexible. The muscles that are meant to hold the spine are often strained or weakened, when a girl enters puberty. Teenage girls can strengthen shoulders, arms, and back by doing forward bending, backward bending, upside-down and chest opening types of yoga poses.

During this period, body organs are changing and growing and can be disturbed when there is an over-stimulation of nerves or changes in the diet. Despite everyday stresses, Yoga for teen helps a lot in keeping the organs in good health. It also gets rid of body aches caused by hormonal imbalances that usually come about during sexual maturing, apart from balancing out the mood swings. Teen yoga is useful during such a growth phase in strengthening bones, relieving the tension in stressed ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Some types of yoga postures ease menstrual cramps, and there are others that help in clearing out energy blocks that might cause digestive problems, irritability, sinus problems or headaches.

Unification of mind and body is promoted by yoga for teen. When you practice, you will grow in awareness of your self, and you will trust yourself and think for yourself. The outcome is that you will also grow in self confidence apart from being more peaceful.

Teen Hygiene and Yoga for Kids

The body is seen as a shrine that is to be taken care with acceptance, understanding, and respect in yoga for teen. However, at times it can be difficult to manage all the rapid bodily changes during adolescence. Keeping the body clean is very important. This is even more important for girls who are beginning to experience the menstrual cycle and undergoing hormonal changes. Boys go through glandular secretions that cause sweaty underarms and feet as they experience the hormonal alterations paving way to manhood. So, they need habitual cleansing as well. To help the skin let go of toxins, the pores should be opened; this is where cleansing is so important. The ability of the pores to open up and drive out excess oil and toxins via the sweat glands can be enhanced by bathing prior to practicing yoga. By improving circulation, breathing exercises in yoga encourage the internal cleansing process. The release of negative energy is an added advantage of yoga for teen, as negative energy can obstruct pores, glands and nadis.

Yoga for Teen Athletes

Stress injuries are common all through adolescence, while the person is still in growing phase, and ligaments, tendons, muscles, and bones are changing. Sometimes, an injury due to stress can be caused to any of such parts by an energetic or quick body movement. Injuries that often could be avoided are experienced by sportspersons who don’t do sufficient stretching exercises during the warm-up. These include knee injuries caused by tight ligaments and tendons, pulled hamstrings and ankle wrist, and shoulder injuries in these regions. Yoga for kids helps correct weakness or tightness and balances out the stresses of any sport by giving a comprehensive exercise for the body.

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