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Teen Smoking Facts – a quick guide for recovery

Generally smoking causes endangered effects with more outbreaks among people getting affected at various stages of their life due to smoking. It has been found that nearly 4lakhs of people fall under the death count every year by reason of teen smoking related diseases and health issues. Cigarette smoking is considered to be more effective in causing illness as they not only affect the one smoking but also include people around them as victim.
Some facts on smoking
It is a requisite that every individual must understand the dangers of smoking and their side effects that cause serious illness. Some of the disorders that result due to smoking are lung cancer, mouth cancer, respiratory diseases; internal organ failures etc. here are some of the facts about smoking and quit smoking facts.
World wide the count of death rate that is caused due to smoking are 5.4million on tobacco usage. It has been predicted that the count would raise high to 6.5million within the year 2015 and to 8.3 million in the year 2030 that covers developing countries on average.
According to the news from WHO, World Health Organization each 6.5 seconds a smoker breathe his last breath and women accounts 39% in the over all rate. Government has taken steps in reducing the rates of death caused due to smoking in various ways. World no tobacco day is celebrated every year on May 31st to create awareness on the health problems caused due to smoking. It is an encouragement that is 24 hours self-denial from all type of tobacco usage.
Smoking in public places and workplaces are banned according to the criminal laws and occupational safety and health regulation acts that are concerned about the public health and wellness as a whole.
As researches have produced confirmatory report that says second hand smoking includes various diseases that are linked to the respiratory system. Breathing difficulties, Lung ailments, lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, and asthma are some of the diseases that affect the respiratory track. Smoking reduces lung functionality and reduces their growth rate in teens resulting signs of heart diseases in earlier stage of their life and stroke at their middle age.
Dangers of smoking are not completely disclosed to most of the people who still continue their habit on addiction. People get affected both physically and mentally when they get addicted to cigarette smoking. Schools and colleges are to create awareness on cigarette facts to their students to guide them in a healthy way to secure their lives form the harmful effects of smoke.
Smoking at younger age affects one’s brain activities making them sluggish and lack in concentration on studies. It’s found that 17 % of teens are smoking at their age of graduating middle school.
How to quit smoking?
To quit smoking one must strive harder with the symptoms of recovery while quit smoking facts are ruthless in affecting one’s life for certain time. Crossing the huddles of recovery symptoms is the best part one must play in their life when got struck with smoking addiction. First understand why u wanted to quit smoking, as they may help you to take the decision right away and stick to the decision on quitting completely.
Quitting smoking will make a big difference in one’s life starting from his within to his behavior, say they bring in change in their breathing smell, taste and smell better, get rid of cough and breathing difficulty reducing the risk of cancers that affects lungs, respiratory track, mouth and other related cancers spreads. Quitting smoking helps one to recover with the health issues and also saves more money that are being spent over cigarettes and other expensive smokes.
Here are some ideas on how to quit smoking quicker.
Once people decide on quitting smoking they must be strong in the mind set to keep away cigarettes and tobacco smoking habits right away. Mind Control is the first tool one must implement supported with meditation and yoga practices that cleanses both mind and body as a whole helping smoking addicts to feel better without the habit.
Have a friend to accompany you in quitting smoking as one can help other in smoking and keep under control. Change your routine by keeping your cigarette in different place where you find it lazy to go and take from, keep silent without doing any work other than smoking if you used to smoke while doing any of the habitual works.
Getting guidance from a doctor on nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) can help you in stopping the cravings as well as the withdrawal symptoms using certain medication, NRT gums, sprays and patches. Keep off from people who smoke as they may tempt you at times. Remove ash trays, cigarette box, matches and lighters out of your site. Some times meditation, yoga, acupuncture and hypnotic therapy also works well in helping recovery symptoms of smoking and its cravings.
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