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Teen Sleep Deprivation and Sleep Disorders and Treatment

Teenage is the time when a person requires most sleep as there is excess of activity that is done. Beginning from academics to the extra curricular activities and sports, most teenagers are always engaged leaving them very little time for rest and sleep. While there are many teenagers who find enough time to rest themselves, there are also a few others who suffer from different Teen sleep deprivation and sleep disorders.
Teenagers and Sleep
It has been reported in a recent research that the time when a person encounters different types of sleep disorders is adolescence which can be attributed to the changing sleeping patterns. This research has also shown that the teenagers require more sleep in comparison with the younger children and adults. A teenager who is involved in an average physical activity requires nine hours of sleep but it has been found out that most teenagers have been suffering from sleep deprivation. In order to keep hale and hearty it is important for the teenagers to cope with the sleep deprivation and other types of sleep disorders.
Types of sleep disorders in children and teenagers
A teenager is subject to various Teen sleep deprivation and sleep disorders and some of them are as follows.
Sleep Apnea
This is common not only in the children but in the adults too. But the teenagers are more prone to this sleep disorder. This is the sleeping disorder where a person suffers from various breathing problems which can last from ten to twenty seconds and happens every now and then thereby depriving you of a good night’s sleep. There are three types of sleep apnea namely obstructive sleep apnea, central sleep apnea and complex sleep apnea. The first one is the condition where there is a blockage in the airway due to the relaxing of the soft tissue in the throat. This is also the most common types of sleep apnea. The central sleep apnea involves the central nervous system and there is a failure of the signals sent to the brain to control the breathing process and is not much common. The complex sleep apnea is the condition which is a combination of the previous two types of sleep disorders.
Effects of sleep apnea on teens
Apart from breathing problems there are also various other effects that this sleep deprivation trouble brings about. The most common effect is snoring and it is probable that the teens snore throughout the night. This can eventually cause a sore throat making it uncomfortable while sleeping. When a teen is deprived of sleep, it is likely that he or she remains inactive throughout the day with less energy to carry out the daily activities.
Dealing with sleep apnea
While a teenaged person suffers from sleep apnea, it is important for the parents to know the different sleep apnea treatments available and have their children treated. Once you find your child suffering from breathing troubles while sleeping, consult a physician in the first place and then find ways of dealing with the sleep deprivation. One of the common sleep apnea treatments is the removal of tonsils.
It is also said that this kind of sleep disorder symptoms are mostly found in children who are overweight. So it is the duty of the parents to help the child lose weight easily. It is helpful if you advice your child to sleep on the side instead of sleeping on the back. Insomnia
This is another one of the most prevalent Teen sleep deprivation and sleep disorders which the parents must pay heed to. It is reported that insomnia begins to occur at the tender age of eleven. Insomnia, a major sleep deprivation problem is caused mainly due to the stress that the teenagers face due to academics, depression, worries and anxiety. There are also certain medications that can cause insomnia in the teenagers and sleep apnea by itself can serve as a cause of the Teen sleep deprivation and sleep disorders such as insomnia.
Treatment for insomnia in teens
The parents need to know enough about the different treatments for insomnia that are simple. The first step is to follow the sleeping habits of your teenaged child. Make sure the child is suffering from insomnia and then begin finding ways of treating them. One of the best methods of dealing with this type of sleep disorders is to make sure the child is subject to physical activities that keep them engaged.
If you find your child losing sleep over any process, make sure you talk to your child and help him or her overcome the problem. Also make sure your teenage kid gets enough of nutrients everyday so that there is no health issues arising. Visit the physician and find out how one can cope up with the teenage sleep disorders. Make sure your kid is not undergoing any mental troubles and try solving them. Also remember to switch off the television set one hour before you go to sleep. This can be one of the reasons for the sleeplessness in teenagers.
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