Teen Head Lice Treatment

One of the common problems that the young children and teens face is the presence of head lice. Head lice are tiny insects that measure about 2-3 mm long with six legs each. They are capable only of crawling and not of hopping, flying or jumping. They crawl fast on the scalp of a person and feed on human blood. It is on the warmth of the human scalp that they survive. The female lice lays eggs ranging from 150 to 300 and these eggs are called nits. These nits are usually of yellow and white color firmly attached to the hair at the bottom.

The hair lice usually spread from one person to another through head to head touching or using the brushes and hats of the persons whose head is full of lice. The head lice are mostly found in teenagers as they are more prone to head and head touching. So there is a necessity for one to go for head lice treatment using either a head lice shampoo or the head lice home remedies.

How to spot head lice on your scalp

If you feel your head too scratchy, there is a chance for your head to have lice or dandruff. Ask someone to look for nits and lice on your head. Else use a closely toothed comb and comb your hair. If you have head lice infection, there may be some on the comb and on the hair too. Your comb will smell foul after combing your lice filled hair. The smell is similar to rotting leaves and dirt. When your head is full of lice there are too many nits on the hair too.

You can also find black specks on the pillow or on your collars which are the faeces of the louses. There are also some lice found behind the neck and the ears. Most of all you will find your scalp too itchy.

Head lice prevention measures

Though there are many head lice treatment measures using head lice shampoo and other head lice treatment products, it is best to prevent the increasing number of head lice.

The parents must teach the teenaged children to avoid sharing things like hats and combs, hairbrushes with the children who have excessive lice on their hair. Regularly clean the hair of your children with a comb and remove all the nits and lice so that there is least chance for the head lice infection.

Head lice treatment measures

There are various treatments for head lice infection like head lice shampoo, head lice treatment products, chemical treatment measures, etc. In addition to these, head lice home remedies are can also be followed for the head lice infection. Here are a few measures to get rid of the head lice in teenagers.

  • One of the best head lice home remedies is the use of vinegar on the scalp. Slightly heat the vinegar and apply it all over your hair and wear a shower cap for thirty minutes.
  • Now using a nit comb dipped in vinegar, comb your hair and find all the lice easily coming off your hair. Now wash your hair with a good head lice shampoo.
  • Another one of the natural head lice treatment products is the olive oil. This is sure to relieve you of the head lice infection. Apply olive oil on the scalp and let it stay for about two hours before washing the hair.
  • Try wet combing as one of the head lice home remedies to treat head lice infection. Do it for two or three times a week to get rid of all the lice and nits. Removal of nits is as important as removing the lice as these nits develop into a number of lice.
  • Use a proper head lice shampoo which can wash off all the lice from the hair. But be sure that the shampoo is not too strong. Else your hair will start losing your hair.
  • There are also many chemical head lice treatment products available in the market that can help treat the head lice infection and also in head lice prevention.
  • Using mayonnaise on the scalp can also remove the lice from the hair. Leave it on the hair for three hours and then wash your hair with warm soapy water. Do this for a week to arrive at the desired results.
  • Tea tree oil is another one of the effective head lice home remedies that will help in head lice treatment. Apply the oil on the scalp and leave it on for thirty minutes and wash of your head with warm water. But this remedy must be avoided by those who have sensitive skin as it may cause a burning sensation.
  • There are also chemical head lice treatment measures which you can follow after consulting your doctor or chemist.
  • Also keep your combs, towels and pillows clean and make sure you do not share them with the others.

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