Teen Exercises and their Significance

There are quite a lot of effective ways in which consistent and regular physical activity can keep a person healthy. It is above all important to begin the right teen exercise plans at the right time, because younger people as you would expect have more energy. A teen is much more likely to continue exercising as an adult if he or she participates in an exercise program. This is the key factor in preventing a variety of conditions and diseases. Here are some useful teen exercise tips for all those teenagers looking to perk up their health and appearance through fitness activities.

Almost half of the teenagers in the world are not regularly participating in any vigorous activity let alone teen exercising. In addition, no physical activity has been reported by a sizeable proportion of young folks. Children usually spend lesser time for physical activities and games as they advance in studies. This may be due to the changing outlook on life in teens and also the current age of technology.

More often than not, teens were active once upon a time and they used their energy in ways that helped them stay in shape, even without fully realizing it. In the present day, young people don’t have time for teen exercises and the activities that require substantial amounts of moving and healthy physical exertion. Some of reasons for this include various forms of entertainment such as TV, video games and the internet. Sorry to say, such an inactive lifestyle is only going to have a bad effect on their health in the short or long term. In fact, obesity is a major problem caused for teens due a couch potato life style that takes away too much time for TV and internet.

The problem seems perplexing with only a small fraction of all high school students indicating that they are physically active or having teen exercises for at least half an hour or more each day in their physical education classes. Encouraging students to learn about all of the benefits of exercise is the intent of physical education. But, it is really surprising to know that very few are in point of fact receiving teen exercises.

Teen Exercise Tips

You need not take the extreme route when you are doing a teenage exercise routine. In fact, a moderate exercise program will do the job for people of all ages. Some of the examples of physical activity that teens can enjoy include walking, swimming, gymnastics and aerobics. When it comes to teen exercises, playing an intensive game such as soccer or basketball for just fifteen minutes would suffice. Or else you can also go for thirty minutes of some moderate sporting activities to get the same results. The bottom line is that fitness activities are necessary for people of all ages, apart from just teen exercising.

Resistance Training and Weight Lifting for Teens

Another type of teenage exercise besides cardio that can benefit folks is resistance training. Any person is supposed to focus on how to carry out each repetition correctly and be careful to start out slowly. It is time and again recommended that you go for just the lighter weights. People can decide the proper level of resistance to use, once they are comfortable with the exercise.

Compound and basic teen exercises are good to perk up fitness for teens. Those that are particularly effective include movements that affect multiple areas of the body. These include push ups, pull ups, bench presses, chin-ups, overhead presses and squats. Yet again, correct form of teen exercises is essential and it is important to start with a low number of repetitions. These are pretty straightforward exercises that almost any teen can do. It is not something as strenuous as those that involve the weights in the gym. Nevertheless, there are some teens that have an attraction for all those weight lifting exercises offered at the gym. Weight training should be approved by the family doctor and can be done for three days a week. In between workouts, see that you get at least two days of rest. At the beginning of any of your teen exercise plans, do not try to complete full sessions and wait for a longer time in between them to guarantee a solid recovery. Before and after any type of exercise, make sure you do some stretching.

Taken as a whole, through teen exercises and physical activity, teens will notice an increase in optimism and energy. Confidence levels and self esteem are so important for teenagers in these days of extreme competition. Confidence is enhanced when teenagers get back in shape after burning up all the unnecessary fat through fitness activities. And teens will be surprised at how much they enjoy staying healthy, with so many activities out there to choose from.

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