Teen Dental Health and Oral Care

More often than not, teen dental health is all about the good oral care habits that are induced since early days. There isn’t anything that can hamper the wellbeing of the teeth, if good oral habits are practiced well. This is also a very important condition for teenagers who are looking to get that bright and white smile they always craved for. We are sure all the teenagers would like their teeth to look sparkling when they smile. For that reason, in this article, we will focus on issues relevant to teen dental health. For oral health for teenagers, listed here are some necessary tips which help irrespective of any orthodontic treatment or braces.

Brush twice daily with any well established fluoride toothpaste in order to throw away plaque. Keep in mind, plaque is the main factor responsible for tooth decay and gum disease. For removing plaque present under the gum line and in between the teeth, see that you floss daily. If not thrown off on the daily basis, plaque can become tough to form an unattractive yellow accumulation known as tartar. Eating too much of starch-based or other sugary items — particularly the sticky types of snacks – should be avoided as much as possible if you want to evade the common teen dental health problems. Go for a regular checkup at the teen dentist clinic including the specialized cleanings that improve dental hygiene for teens. To have a fresher breath and a pleasant smile and to make your teeth last for life, make sure that your oral cavity is maintained clean.

Sadly, most teens do not observe these fundamental oral care tips nowadays. As per a recent survey, over fifty percent teens in the age group of seventeen suffer from easygoing to severe types of cavities and gum disease. So, to put off more damage to your teeth, it is high time to recall and implement these tips. Your smile is not going to look good anyway if your teeth look yellow when you smile.

And there are quite a few special dental issues besides the above oral care tips that should be taken of as a part of teen dental health care. This is because the teenage years are the time when a lot of dental issues tend to take place. More than anything else, making the decisions is easier if one is conscious of the various common dental health issues in teens.


In order to resolve the issue of crammed or crooked teeth and also improper jaw position, several teens are in need of braces. Teeth that don’t correctly fit together are the ones to induce additional stress on the muscles during chewing, tougher for keeping it clean, and more prone to fall early. To be familiar with which dental treatment is the right one for you and whether there is a need of braces, you just need to go for a complete orthodontic evaluation. This will help you in preventing the use of the wrong type or ill fitting dental braces. Additional dental care is required for proper cleaning of your teeth, in case you wear braces.

Mouth Guards

In case you play various kinds of sports, you will be pleased to know that these are actually inevitable for a good smile. These are devices that aim to defend from damages like broken teeth and cut lips and they typically drape the upper teeth. The dentist can suggest a mouth protector, if in case you are wearing any set dental devices such as a bridge or braces.

Diet Issues

When it comes to teen dental health, diet does play a very vital role. In many food items, the starches and sugars do aid in the formation of plaque that aims at damaging the tooth enamel. So, just restrict the amount of snacks that is drunk or eaten. Also, every time you have such foodstuffs that have starches or sugars, the teeth are battered by the acids in them. You need to go for a well balanced diet as well. You can have plain yogurt, fruits, or raw eatables for snacks.

Tobacco Problems

Using tobacco is very dangerous; flee from this habit if you have it. Smoking also has the power to stain the teeth and gums apart from the tartar accumulation for releasing a bad breath. It also invites deadly health issues like cancer. If the smoking habit prevails, it can attract severe gum ailments and oral cancer.

Diet Disorders

Diet Disorders include binge eating and anorexia that decays the tooth enamel and has an unfavorable effect on the teeth. The dentist can only rectify the eroded tooth enamel; treating the eating disorder is not in anybody’s hands. You need to speak to a physician to get some guidance on relevant dental care.

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