Teen and Childhood Obesity

Obesity is one of the common problems that are most prevalent in the most recent times and the fact that is more of concern is the childhood and teenage obesity which can largely be seen in the most developed countries. Researches have it that teen and childhood obesity happens in about 30% of the children and can be listed under the most common persistent diseases among the children. To tackle the problem of childhood obesity, it is important for the parents to know what causes obesity in children to provide them with enough obesity solutions.

Causes of childhood obesity

The Lifestyle – The most common reason for a child being obese is the kind of lifestyle that it is subjected to. With the improvements in technology and the introduction of various gadgets in the market, the children prefer staying indoors and meddling with these game gadgets instead of enjoying a good outdoor game that involves physical activity.

The Food – Another one of the important facts about teen obesity is the food that the children and teenagers prefer eating. Thanks to the added artificial flavors in the junk food like pizzas, burgers, French fries, desserts, colas and other appetizing foods. These added flavors lure the children more than the adults thereby causing obesity at a very young age.

Hours spent before the idiot box –This has become quite a great problem among the kids as they spend numerous hours in front of the television and resulting in a lack of physical inactivity and the accumulation of cholesterol in the body. This can bring about a lower level of metabolism as well.

Genetic causes – Teen and Childhood obesity can also occur if they have parents who are obese. The possibility for the child being obese in this case is about 30%. Even if there are poor eating habits that are followed by the parents, the children can face obesity.

Effects of Teen or Childhood Obesity

After knowing what causes obesity in the children, it is next the turn for one to get to know of the various effects that the teen and childhood obesity can bring about. Once a person is aware of the detrimental effects of obesity, it is easier to understand things on how to prevent obesity. Another one of the important facts about teen obesity is that the there are high levels of cholesterol and a high blood pressure that is found in the teenagers who are obese.

Psychological effects

A child when obese is likely to undergo an assorted health risks apart from a few psychological effects. When a child is obese, it has to face psychological problems like depression, lack of self esteem, fear of being bullied, etc. This can further lead the child to drug abuse too.

Physical effects

The physical effects of childhood obesity are more than the emotional effects. Of the most common health trouble is the increased blood pressure which is otherwise called hypertension. Apart from high blood pressure there are also huge complications like heart diseases which include coronary artery disease, stroke, atherosclerosis, etc. The high fat content in the body can also lead to Type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol levels too. In children who consume too much of junk food, cancers are also equally possible with possibilities of liver damage too.

With the above effects being too common and dangerous, there are also few chronic problems that obesity can cause in teens and children. Some of them are disorders related to sleep like insomnia, lack of endurance, problems in the bones and joints, etc.

How to prevent obesity in children

It is the duty of the parents to ensure the appropriate health of the children and find time to tend to their needs. There are many things that the parents need to learn to keep their children in the pink of health. Here are few such obesity solutions that can help the parents get aware on how to prevent obesity in children.

  • The best thing that can help your children remain healthy is to make them involved in various physical activities. It is at this age that the children garner most of their health and learn the nuances for maintaining good health.
  • Get your children enrolled in aerobics classes or any other athletic courses so that they can learn to stay active while young. Discuss with your children what they are interested in and then get them involved.
  • If your children are not willing to venture out of the house, you need to teach them the dangers of being obese and what causes obesity in a manner that they can understand.
  • Another one of the best obesity solutions is to set an example for your children and educate them about the benefits of good eating habits. Give them healthy foods that include fresh fruits and vegetables so that they receive enough nutrients for their well being. Also have whole grains and nuts included in the diet.
  • Keep them away from junk food as much as possible and tell them about the dangers of eating too much junk food.
  • Prepare the lunch for your child and pack it in a box. Do not let your child eat from outside.

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