Teen Alcohol Abuse Signs and Treatment

Brain development, hormonal changes, and various other significant transformations happen to the body during the transition time known as adolescence. Also, youngsters begin to connect more with acquaintances and friends further than their contacts of early days during this time. In order to be accepted socially, they usually face plenty of anxiety to be whatever the crowd expects him/her to be. The youth may find such new state of affairs difficult and confusing to deal with or understand. And they are also immature when it comes to the capability to come up with safe or correct decisions. During this period, allowing the brain to be affected by teen alcohol abuse may break off important courses of brain development, perhaps paving the way for mild cognitive impairment and also an additional intensification of drinking.

Alcoholism – What is it?

Teen alcoholism is not the same as teen alcohol abuse. Teenage alcohol abuse is about the overuse of alcohol that can be detrimental to family life, career and finances; whereas, teen alcoholism is something more serious than teen alcohol abuse. When people have teen alcoholism problem they crave for alcoholic drinks and lose all control when drinking. Sometimes, teen alcohol addiction can be very addictive, even though some will only drink rarely and will have the ability to have power over their drinking. Actually, it has been found that a considerable fraction of teenagers begin drinking even before they are fifteen. For people who get addicted to teenage alcohol abuse, it is a fight they will have to put up with for the rest of their lives. The problem of teen alcoholism entails drinking to the degree where it messes up both mental and physical functions, physical dependence in spite of having harmful effects, and increased tolerance, that is, they will have to consume more so as to get the same alcohol effects. And when a person in teen alcohol addiction attempts to quit drinking, withdrawal symptoms will occur. Increased anxiety, sweating, and nausea are some of the common symptoms here.

Various Signs of Alcoholism in Teens

A variety of alcoholism signs are exhibited by teenagers. Some of these signs might be rather noticeable. Others may perhaps be tougher to notice, especially if the kid is an expert in maintaining their alcohol addiction a secret. Teens will show out a few of these symptoms for other reasons, however when they happen along with alcohol consumption, they may face dangerous consequences. Any behavior should be watched if it seems out of the ordinary; you discern what is normal for the kid after all. Some of the common signs of teen alcoholism include fatigue or sleep issues, depression, hangovers etc. There may also be signs of moving back from people, poor grades, missing classes, skipping school, behavior issues, and continuous partying. Teenagers having alcohol abuse problem may make excuses for staying in the room incessantly. After some time, they may feel the pinch when money is not there and they may even steal to get the cash for buying alcohol.

Options for Preventing Teen Alcoholism

Education is perhaps the most obvious, but rarely employed option for prevention. We have to begin educating about the harmful effects of alcohol abuse to our teens at an early age, although we may not want to bring up this subject to our children. Some feel that it is embarrassing to talk about alcohol abuse with children, but the teens are better off getting the information from responsible parents than from some other wrong sources. We cannot take for granted that the children are aware of all the dangerous effects that alcohol will have in the long term.

Teens start drinking for various reasons in the beginning. The majority of teens drink just to be more social. This usually starts during high school and then goes on to be a life long addiction. While the need for sociability is a common reason, there may also be other reasons for alcoholism. For example, some may use it as a way of escaping from problems on hand. That’s why helping children with their actual problems can help restrain them from going for alcohol abuse as a solution, particularly for teens that use alcohol to help cope with their tribulations.

Teen Alcoholism and Treatment

There are many forms available when it comes to treatment of alcohol abuse in teenagers and youngsters. The treatment will differ based on the extent of the alcohol abuse problem and also the personality or attitude of the teen. Consult your mental or medical health professional at the earliest, if you think that your teenager might be addicted to alcohol. This will help you to get info on the proper alcohol rehabilitation treatment for your teen. You will have to give appropriate remedial action to help manage all the alcohol withdrawal symptoms if your teenage son or daughter is addicted. Treatment might either be in an outpatient or inpatient setting. It is extremely important that you recognize the symptoms of alcohol abuse in teenagers and get help at the earliest if at all you want to prevent adult alcoholism.

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