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How to Help a Teen Overcome Stress Related to School Exams

Stress is something that is common in the lives of each and every person and it does not even spare the teenagers and the stress in students happens in the form of examinations. Every student is no doubt worried about performing well in the examinations and scoring high. There are schools in certain areas of the world where the low scoring students are subject to corporal punishments. It is the fear of escaping this punishment that most students struggle to score high in the examinations. It is however, the duty of the parents to keep in track of the child’s concerns and worries so that it becomes easy while coping with stress related to examinations.
Symptoms of exam stress in teenagers
When a teenager is too concerned about the exams and develops an exam fever, it shows through a few symptoms. The parents can look out for the following symptoms before finding exam stress relieving ideas.
Negative self thoughts – This is a symptom that is hugely found in the children who are average in their studies. There are always thoughts about failing in the examinations and the consequences that are to follow.
Lack of concentration – This is another one of the common stress symptom of stress be it exam stress or any other stress. There is a dearth of focus that the teenager encounters after spending hours concentrating in the studies. The fear and stress together makes it difficult for the student to give attention to studies.
Physical symptoms – With continuous studying without any physical activities and constant stress on the mind, it is likely that the students develop various physical stress symptoms like nausea, restlessness, sweating and increased tension.
Dealing with exam stress
Here are a few stress relief tips for the parents and students and coping with stress.
Following right diet
Giving the teenagers the right dose of nutrients is the best way of dealing with exam stress. When the children study for hours together, the body required more and more energy which is why there is an increased requirement for the nutrients. Give lots of nutritious food like fruits and vegetables to the children to ensure they get the necessary nutrients. It is even better if they are given fresh juices every now and then to keep their brain fresh.
Enough Sleep
One of the major problems with the over concerned teenagers is that they are so engrossed in their studies that they are ready to sacrifice their sleep for higher scores in the examinations. The right stress management idea for the parents is to make certain that your child receives the right amount of sleep especially the night before the examination. Sleeping puts not only the body but the mind to rest too. When the child gets enough sleep, the brain works better.
Building confidence
To be confident enough about the child’s success, the parents must instill a feeling of self-confidence in the children so that they do not feel low on the day of the examination. Prepare time table for your child which has time distributed equally among studying and other activities. Set separate time for revision of the areas which have been covered by your kid. Revising can give your child the confidence of remembering what he or she has learnt.
Give your child breaks
The children who are too worried about the examinations and the results are usually scared of getting involved with entertaining activities thinking of them as a waste of time. They are involved with their books all the time. This makes dealing with exam stress easier leaving the mind more and more stressful. This habit is to be eliminated to as a part of stress management at the exam time or stress relief tips. Having breaks between studies help in coping with stress, focusing better on the lessons and therefore scoring high marks. Listen to some soothing music or stroll around into your house for a few minutes before getting back to study.
A stress management tips that works out best is to meditate. Mediation refreshes both the mind and body. Your child can perform this while he or she takes breaks between studying. Advice them to sit at a calm and clean place cross legged with a straight posture and close your eyes, inhale and exhale deeply for a few minutes and relax. Now your child can feel far from being stressed.
Studying well in advance
Another way of coping with stress during exam time is to make your child study all the lessons before time and not keep it until the night before the examination. This is the main reason for the possible stress symptoms in the children. The exam fever or the stress is largely reduced as your child just needs to revise the lessons and relax for the rest of the time instead of spending hours together studying.
Staying positive
Educate your child about the importance of keeping positive always. Tell them that when their confidence levels are high after proper preparation, there is no stopping them from coming out with flying colors in the examinations.
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