Energy Drinks and Teen Health issues

Health drinks are more widespread amid teenagers of today! Teenagers are more occupied with schooling and related daily activities, sporting, home works, exams, projects and extra-curricular activities. These tight schedules rush them to live with more stress both physically and mentally. To cope with these activities kids need energy to stay active from early mornings to late nights. As energy supplements and energy boosting drinks promise for instant energy stimulation from within, most of the teenagers look out for more energy drinks.

Energy drinks are available in different attractive packs of color, size and smart promises in different flavors that interest most children. It has been found that these healthy energy drinks cause several hidden side effects affecting the normal health condition over time. It is important to know about energy drinks their harmful effects and impacts listing against their attractive beneficiary promises.

About energy drinks

Energy drinks sounds good with words of instant energy boost, increasing alertness, concentration, strength and supplying more nutrients to the body. Energy pack products call it to be the best boosting product in the market that increases athletics performance and concentration to excel.

Are these products on energy boosting products important to one’s health? Doctors recommend these health drinks to be taken occasionally for good health, as continuous usage may affect the wellbeing. Most of the teenagers take energy drinks as meals quitting healthy food, thus result in lack of natural nutrients. Generally caffeine is considered as the prime boost that is present with the most harmful ingredients with potent to damage and weaken the immune system of our body. Caffeinated energy drink is considered as more ‘dangerous psychoactive drug’ that affects children mentally altering ones natural behavior of tenderness.

Are health drinks risky?

New Health researchers have brought in more predictions on the usage of energy drinks among teenagers and youngsters that sound shocking and worrisome. Energy drinks are now available at more attractive guarantees on improvising concentration, strength and stamina that draws most youngsters right away, but the risks within are not revealed.

Super caffeinated energy drinks are the most common among the young person including Monster, Amp, Rush, Rockstar, Red Bull, Full Throttle and SoBe. These energy supplements in the form of drinks are concerned with the health issues of the kids that are expected to cause various illness say nausea, seizures, stroke, sleeping disorder, abnormal heart rhythms accompanies with sudden sweat, fluctuating energy levels etc.

It has been found from several research and case study that energy drinks and energy stimulators are directly linked with the student’s behavioral changes. The journal of America College Health recently published a report on the linkage stuck between energy drinks, sporting and risky behavioral change. Nutritionist warn parents to keep off energy drinks form kids as they contain excess of caffeine, sugar, taurine, stimulants, ginseng, added flavors and colors with multiple source of artificial nutrition that results in various harmfulness over time.

Kathleen Miller an addiction researcher from the University of Buffalo has found that excess utilization of energy drinks are coupled with ‘toxic jock’ behavior, that includes a collective behavioral change with forceful behavior leading to violence, unprotected sex, substance misuse and uncontrolled bad manners. Parents are advised to take care of their children’s healthy by limiting them from consuming excess of health drinks that are more toxic and chemical based instant energy stimulators.

Most of the teens today sound unhealthy lacking natural source of energy thus suffering from illness. The excess energy drinks and energy supplements, unhealthy eating habits including junks, fast foods and other prepacked fatty food stuff does not contribute needful source of power to the immune system. Thus making today’s generation kids weaker prone to acquire more diseases at no time. Parents and children themselves have to realize on the harmful effects of the energy drinks and must quit the usage of artificial energy boosting stuff.

Alternative to energy drinks

Health drinks for kids must be natural as well as must strengthen the immune system as a whole. Natural source of energy drinks can be good for health say milk, fresh fruit juice, milk shakes, health drink mix and protein bring supplement that are permitted with natural source of products. Fresh fruit juice acts as the best antioxidants that help to rejuvenate kids with good energy from within. Fruit milk shakes, dry fruit milk shakes and fresh vegetable juice can be the best refreshing source of energy production.

Generally health drinks for kids are essential but they must be made out of natural source that are safe for health keeping off unsafe compound based energy stimulants. Researchers have also found that most of the developed and developing countries shift to the habit of taking ready-to-eat foods easily available in the market irrespective of their health values. To save time, energy and money spend over preparatory procedures of healthy foods are now replaced with prepacked foods and health drinks with preservatives to restore them. These foods contain no healthy nutritive value but are highly tasty and delicious attracting more people. It is important for one to analyze the upcoming health issues with link to the energy drinks and supplementary food stuff.

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