Teens and Computer Vision Syndrome

One of the major health problems that the teenagers of today face are those that are related to vision. With the advancements in technology, it can rightly be said that the computer vision syndrome is becoming a matter of concern. This is a temporary condition which happens as a result of concentrating on a computer screen for uninterrupted and prolonged hours. Though this condition is temporary, there are all the chances for this condition to turn into serious vision problems in children especially teenagers. Statistics have it that almost 90% of the people working in front of computers are affected by computer vision syndrome.

Symptoms of computer vision syndrome

The high technology gadgets these days catch the fancy of kids and computers are not left behind. Teens and computer vision syndrome are closely related as they are the ones who spend hours together in front of the computers playing games and surfing the net. The condition can be cured easily when the early symptoms are identified and taken care of. There are many symptoms to identify the computer vision syndrome in teenagers. There is usually a non-specific ocular discomfort, a kind of strain in the eye. This is usually due to the constant focusing of the eyes on the computer monitors for a long time.

The distant vision also appears to be blurred. There are also cases where there are blurred near vision too. Apart from these symptoms there is also dryness in the eye and an irritation as well. Headaches accompanied by neck and backaches are one of the common symptoms of teenage computer vision syndrome. There are also people who have suffered sensitivity to light due to this condition.

Causes of computer vision syndrome

Kids and computers are bound together so much these days that one can hardly find a teenager who is not interested in computer and the games or the programs on television. Spending hours together in front of a computer of television is the sole cause of the defects in the vision.

The teenagers are so obsessed with gadgets that they keep staring at the screens for a long time without any interruptions and cause harm to their eyes. This prolonged viewing of the television and computer screens is the main cause of the computer vision syndrome.

The computer screens are a brighter power source which can cause strain in there eyes thereby bringing about the computer vision syndrome. The rays from the screen directly attack the eyeballs causing the difficulties.

There is a less chance of computer vision syndrome when you watch a movie on a computer or television. But when you read something on a computer your eyes require being more focused thus increasing the likelihood of the vision problems in children.

When there is reduced blinking of the eyes, they suffer dehydration causing dryness and then the other vision problems in children at a very young age. It is therefore important to keep blinking every now and then to keep your eyes hydrated and to reduce the risk of computer vision syndrome.

Measures to manage computer vision syndrome

In order to keep your teenaged kids away from the harm caused by working in front of the computers and watching television, the parents need to ensure that the children are well protected. Here are a few measures that can help vision problems in children.

  • The first step is to make sure that the kids are not too much into computers and television. Right from the early stages, they must be taught about the different ill effects of the rays that the television and computer screen emit.
  • If your child has already been affected with this condition, make sure that they wear computer vision syndrome glasses to correct the sight. Find a proper optometrist to get one.
  • Let your kid take breaks for every fifteen to twenty minutes is extremely necessary so that the eyes derive some rest. This can also reduce the strain in the eyes and the other symptoms of computer vision syndrome. The best way of taking breaks is to move around here and there before settling back for the game on your computer.
  • Educate your children about blinking more so that their eyes can escape dehydration. It is extremely important for one to have the eyes hydrated to keep them away from harm.
  • When your computer monitor is an LCD one, there is minimum risk of developing vision problems. If your monitor is CRT, make sure you get it replace it with an LCD.
  • Let your children wear the computer vision syndrome glasses while working on the computers to minimize the effect.
  • Teach your children to perform regular eye exercises and also give them slight and gentle massages in the areas around the eyes. This can relieve your children of the fatigue and strain caused in the eyes.
  • As it is quite difficult to separate the kids and computers, the parents need to make certain that the child gets the nutrients required for proper eye health. some of the nutrients good for the kids' eye health are vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E.

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